of St. Sebastian

is a membership organization that evaluates and explores pro-life public policy initiatives by applying the principles of Natural Law through the prism of the Catholic faith. Our fellowship represents pro-life scholars and other professionals in various disciplines who wish to serve the Church by helping one another in scholarly work and by putting their abilities more fully at the service of the Culture of Life. Just as St. Sebastian gave a voice to persecuted Christians 1700 years ago, by bringing their plight to the attention of the Roman Emperor; we seek to continue that tradition by speaking for those who face an unjust death through abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and unethical reproductive technologies.


Central to promoting our mission are our publications The Journal of Bioethics in Law & Culture Quarterly and the weekly column, Sebastian’s Point.  

What People Are Saying

“I am always on the lookout for thoughtful information to help us legislate, educate, and change the culture in our state. The Society of St. Sebastian is a welcome resource and good food for thought as we develop strategies to save the lives of preborn babies.”




Dr. Fred Deutsch, DC 

President, South Dakota

Right to Life

The Society of St. Sebastian has provided me with a variety of insightful articles regarding pro-life legislation.  When preparing bills and testimony for our state hearings, it is extremely helpful to be able to have a wealth of knowledge from others in similar roles throughout the country.”



- Therese M. Hessler

President & CEO Ashlar Government Relations and Consulting

The Society is taking pro-life news to a whole new level, going beyond hyperbole to give us a more insightful picture of pro-life battles, pitfalls and gains around the nation and beyond. I especially appreciate hearing the perspective of local activists and scholars as events unfold.”


- Kyleen Wright, President

Texans for Life Coalition




Read the latest legislative testimony submitted by the Society of St. Sebastian to State Legislatures across the country.


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