Our Mission

The Society of St. Sebastian is an association of scholars and other professionals in various disciplines who see their intellectual work as an expression of the service that they owe to God and community. In addition to academic and professional concerns, the Society was founded primarily to give the corporate witness of its members to the Culture of Life. Aware of the duty that Catholic scholars and professionals have to serve the whole community of faith, the members of the Society wish to give whatever witness and assistance they can to promoting the Culture of Life.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to form a true fellowship of scholars and professional activists who wholeheartedly accept and support that life begins at conception and that we are made in the image of God and imbued with Natural Law and this reality ought to be reflected within the civil law.


This fellowship of our members will provide an opportunity for qualified scholars and professional activists to share their special competencies and interests and enlist such competencies in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

The expertise and experience of our members will help facilitate communication in support of the Culture of Life through publications, individual and shared scholarly work, lectures, conferences, and the like.

Member Qualifications.

  1. Members must support the mission and purpose of the Society.

  2. Members must engage in scholarly work on Culture of Life issues involving legislation and public policy, as evidenced by scholarly publication or in some other suitable manner in the field of their study,                                                                                                             OR                                                                                                                                                                        be a professional activist within the pro-life community,                                                                        OR                                                                                                                                                                        support the Society with donations of time or money.

  3. Members intend to be actively involved in the organization, operation, or administration of the Society in the pursuit of its purposes and goals.

We realize there are numerous ways to contribute to an organization. Our membership affiliations seek to maximize opportunities for participation of individuals who share our mission.

Membership affiliations are valid for one calendar year, beginning January of the following year. Membership is renewable by maintaining the requirements of a given affiliation.

Membership  Qualifications

Membership  Affiliations

Academic Fellow



You will be awarded an Academic Fellow if an article you submitted is accepted for publication in the Society of St. Sebastian’s quarterly journal, Bioethics in Law & Culture. You will be recognized as an Academic Fellow of the Society for your scholarly contribution and may identify yourself as such.


You will be awarded a Public Policy Fellow if legislative testimony you submitted is accepted for publication in the Society of St. Sebastian’s quarterly journal, Bioethics in Law & Culture. You will be recognized as a Public Policy Fellow of the Society for your contribution to public policy and may identify yourself as such. 


You will be recognized as a Fellow if you contribute at least two articles to the weekly column, Sebastian’s Point. You may identify yourself as a Fellow of the Society for your contributions.


If you are unable to contribute to our publications, you can still become a contributing member with a financial donation or a donation of your professional services to the Society to enable us to continue our work. 

Public Policy Fellow


Contributing Member