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Sebastian's Point is a weekly column written by one of our members regarding timely events or analysis of relevant ideas, which impact the Culture of Life. All regular members are invited to submit a column for publication at Columns should be between 800 to 1300 words and comply with the high standards expected in academic writing, including proper citations of authority or assertions referred to in your column. Please see, "Submission Requirements" on our Home Page for more details.

Standard Operating Procedure: Planned Parenthood's Assault on Wisconsin's Pro-Life Laws

Heather Weininger    27 February 2019

Wisconsin has seen, first-hand, the truth about Planned Parenthood – their ultimate goal is to expand their abortion business and increase their revenue from this lucrative procedure.

In the November 2018 elections, Wisconsin lost its pro-life Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. We were, however, able to maintain a pro-life majority in our State Senate and Assembly. Just nine days after the swearing-in of pro-abortion Governor Tony Evers, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin in the Western District Court and named new Attorney General Josh Kaul as a defendant.

The Planned Parenthood lawsuit is seeking to overturn a law enacted in 1985 which requires physicians only to perform abortions. It also challenges two tenets of a more recent law. First, that during a chemical abortion, the woman can only be given the medication if the same physician who prescribed the drug also conducted a pre-abortion physical exam of the woman at least 24 hours before the chemical abortion is induced.  Second, that this same physician be in the same room as the woman when she is given the abortion-inducing drug.

In order to understand the full magnitude of Planned Parenthood’s latest lawsuit it is important to know all the relevant facts surrounding it.

Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul were fully endorsed and supported by Planned Parenthood during their recent campaigns. In addition, Governor Evers appointed Tonya Atkinson, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Wisconsin to his Health Policy Advisory Council.  Planned Parenthood always has an open door to the Evers’ administration. The timing of the lawsuit makes it clear that Planned Parenthood was waiting for a friendly administration before filing it.

This is not the first time Planned Parenthood has challenged common-sense, protective, pro-life laws. The last challenge was against our admitting privileges law, which required abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital near their clinics. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood won this lawsuit and $1.5 million of taxpayers’ dollars went to Planned Parenthood attorneys.

Why did Planned Parenthood bring a new lawsuit so quickly against these laws in particular? Because these protective, pro-life laws are preventing them from expanding their abortion business across Wisconsin and, in turn, increasing their profits. Wisconsin’s abortion numbers declined steadily for eight years. These eight years even included a time when a pro-life governor was not in office.

In May 2018, the same year the election was taking place, Planned Parenthood re-opened their Sheboygan, Wisconsin clinic to provide RU-486, chemical abortions. They do not perform surgical abortions at this clinic. It is now clear that Planned Parenthood chose Sheboygan as a “test market” to see how this chemical abortion business plan would work. The lawsuit proves that this “test” was tremendously effective.

Planned Parenthood states in the lawsuit that, “[T]heir ability to expand abortion services to other facilities is significantly hampered by the need to find, and lack of, Wisconsin physicians willing and available to provide abortion care.”

Removing these laws will allow advanced practice nurses to perform abortions. It would expand chemical abortions to all 21 Planned Parenthood facilities across Wisconsin. It could potentially endanger the lives of over 12,000 unborn babies each year in Wisconsin.

One of the last pieces of legislation signed into law by then Governor Scott Walker allows the legislature to intervene in lawsuits filed against the State of Wisconsin if they feel the state’s laws will not be defended to the level they should be. We know that pro-abortion Attorney General Josh Kaul, who was whole-heartedly supported by Planned Parenthood during his recent campaign, will not effectively defend our pro-life laws.

Currently, Attorney General Kaul has made no mention of how he will defend these challenges. Wisconsin Right to Life has contacted him twice with no response.

Once the Attorney General is served, he has 21 days to comply, but there is also a limited time frame during which the legislature can intervene in this case.

If the legislature does not intervene and Attorney General Kaul defends the state against his friends at Planned Parenthood, there is tremendous potential for our pro-life laws to be overturned. And, if that decision is then appealed and others intervene on behalf of the state at this time, the only defense they can present is that which was given by our pro-abortion attorney general.

It is clear that Wisconsin citizens have become the victims of Planned Parenthood’s standard operating practices: When the legislature won’t support your deadly plans, turn to the courts and the politicians in your back pocket.

Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life

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