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Letter From the Editors

Bioethics in Law & Culture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Summer  2021   vol. 4   issue  3

Joe Kral, M.A.



Ana Brennan, J.D.


Senior Editor

I have been actively involved in the pro-life movement for over thirty years, and sometimes it is easy to get discouraged. In this issue, Jacqulyn Dudasko discusses trigger bans, pro-life laws that will be triggered when Roe v. Wade is overturned. As I read her article, I kept thinking about when Roe would be overturned, not if. When I realized I was thinking in these terms, I had to wonder why my outlook changed. I think one reason I let myself entertain the idea of Roe's demise is that, as we have all learned, in this day and age, anything is possible. But more importantly, I think my perspective changed because of the selfless efforts of pro-lifers.


Despite dealing with hostile executive and legislative branches on the federal level, the pro-life movement continues to make gains on the state and local levels. It is not easy keeping track of all the legislative activity in the states. If you are looking for a thorough resource, Joe Kral does an excellent job summarizing the latest information in the State Briefs. 

I always learn so much from our authors. I especially want to thank those who wrote articles for this issue. Their research and analysis are impeccable and provide other pro-lifers with the necessary moral and theological framework to advance pro-life policy.  The contributions of the legislative testimony also aid immensely in understanding specific legislation and help others form compelling arguments.

In addition to trigger bans, Arina Grossu and Jonathan Saenz provide a very insightful analysis of Texas' heartbeat bill and describe the novel approach to this legislation being pursued in Texas. Both Katie Breckenridge and Steven Meyer illuminate the moral and theological implications of pro-life issues.

The legal arguments proffered in this issue demonstrate that the pro-life movement is not stagnated. The moral and theological insights show that the pro-life movement is standing on a solid foundation. This is why I can think 'when' instead of 'if.'


Ana Brennan, J.D.

Vice President & Senior Editor


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