Culture of Life Issues

The Gospel of Life and the Roots of the Culture of Death, Steven Meyer, S.T.D. - 03.22.18

The Lemmings of Ireland, Ana Brennan, J.D. - 05.31.18

The Culture of Death and the Person, Steven Meyer, S.T.D. - 06.14.18

Abortion and the Death Penalty: A Moral Analysis of the Revised No. 2267, Joe Kral, M.A.


Evangelium vitae and the Truth about Freedom, Steven Meyer, S.T.D. - 09.20.18

Pro-Life Laws: Economic Policy or Policy of Virtue, Joe Kral, M.A. - 11.01.18

Love Them Both, Ana Brennan, J.D. - 12.06.18

The Eclipse of God and the Culture of Death, Steven Meyer, S.T.D. - 12.12.18

Love Them Both Part II: A Natural Law Perspective, Joe Kral, M.A. - 12.20.18

Abortion Advocacy is Contra to Logical, Moral Reasoning, Joe Kral, M.A. - 01.23.19

What Are the Unborn?, Rachel N. Morrison, J.D. - 02.13.19

Eliminating Wrongful Birth: Because No Child Is Wrongfully Born, Deirdre Cooper -                02.21.19

+ A Failed Approach to Drug Use During Pregnancy, Ingrid Duran - 03.14.19

+ The Darkening of Conscience, Steven Meyer, S.T.D. - 03.27.19

+ Communicating the Pro-life Message, Maria V. Gallagher - 07.25.19

+ A Woman Named Grace,  Myrna Maloney Flynn - 10.02.19

+ Looking Toward the Pro-Life Future: A Reflection on the 47th Anniversary of Roe v Wade, Jennifer Christie - 01.23.20

+ How the Missouri Pro-Life Movement is Using Pope John Paul II’s “United Ethical Effort” to Build a Culture of LifeMary Lovee Varni - 02/20/20 

+ On the Anniversary of the Pro-life Charter:  Evangelium VitaeSteven Meyer, S.T.D. 


+ Why I Oppose IVF Legislation, Laura Elm, MBA  - 06.05.20 

+ Why Legalized Abortion Diminishes True WomanhoodKatie Breckenridge, MS - 06.09.20 

+ The Human Dignity of a Political OpponentJulie Fritsch, J.D. - 08.20.20

+ Elections, the Importance of Candidates, & Fighting for a Culture of LifeTeresa Collette, J.D.  08.27.20  

+ Fetal Heartbeat Bills: An Inconsistency in the Pro-Abortion “Science"Joshua Edmonds  


+ Definitions Matter and are Worth Fighting ForJordan Moorman - 10.14.20  

+ Trends in Abortions by Age in the United StatesTessa Longbons - 11.05.20 

+ Latest CDC Report Shows Slight Increase in National Abortion RateTessa Longbons - 12.10.20 

+ Christian Politicians & AbortionAna Brennan, J.D. - 12.17.20

+ Lights and Shadows: Roe v. Wade’s 48th AnniversaryRichard M. Doerflinger, MA - 01.21.21 

Bringing Simon’s Law to GeorgiaJoshua Edmonds - 02.18.21 

+ Freedom For More Than ChoiceSteven Meyer, S.T.D. - 03.25.21
+ Abortion, COVID-19 Vaccines, and Mandates: An AnalysisHannah Howard, M.S. -  09.16.21