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15-Week Abortion Ban 

+ A Moral Defense of the 15-Week Late-Term Abortion BanJoe Kral, M.A. - 10.27.22

 Born Alive Infant Protection 

The Moral Case for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Joe Kral, M.A. - 04.25.19

+ Protections for Infants Born Alive in Abortions- Existing Law and the Need For Enhanced                  LegislationJennifer Popik, J.D. - 08.08.19

+ The Executive Order on Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children: A Pro-Life Legal           AnalysisJennifer Popik, J.D. - 10.05.20

+ Updates on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors in the States, Tessa Longbons - 02.03.21

+ Born Alive Infant Protection Act Impact in OhioBrooke Karmie - 01.13.22 

 Chemical Abortions 

+ The Push to Expand Chemical Abortion in the United States, Tessa Longbons - 11.07.19

+ The Profit Scheme of Chemical AbortionsKristen Nupson - 01.07.21

+ Why Chemical Abortion Regulations Must Be a Pro-Life PriorityJessica Warner - 01.14.21 

+ Washington HB 1009: An Attempt to Increase Chemical Abortions at UniversitiesKarlie Lodjic - 02.01.21 

+ The Abortion Pill on CampusSarah Zarr - 03.18.21

+ The Impact of Chemical Abortion by MailTessa Longbons, 05.20.21  

+ Abortion Pill Access in the United StatesBrooke Karmie - 06.03.21

+ The Semantics of Chemical Abortion, Kate Maloney - 07.22.21 

+ Chemical Abortion Expansion Due to COVID-19Brooke Karmie - 08.16.21 

+ Abortion Trends in 2019 and 2020Tessa Longbons - 10.21.21

+ The Corner Drugstore and the U.S. Postal Service: Chemical Abortion in Post-Roe America,

Amy Gehrke - 02.09.23 

 Dismemberment Abortion Bans 

+ Dismemberment Abortion Bans: A New Lobbying Strategy, Joe Kral, M.A. - 06.28.18

Dismemberment Abortion and a Possible Path to Supreme Court Review, Jennifer Popik, J.D.


 Down Syndrome 

Protecting Children with Down Syndrome, Maria Gallagher - 05.17.18

Legislative Protection for Downs Syndrome Children Continues Progress, Maria Gallagher


Defending the Lives of Downs Syndrome Children in Pennsylvania, Maria Gallagher - 11.14.18

+ Pennsylvania Teen Shows the World the Gift of Children with Down SyndromeMaria Gallagher - 04.11.19

Protecting Down Syndrome Babies from Search and Destroy Missions, Maria Gallagher -  1o.10.19

+ Pennsylvania SB 21:The Battle to Save Unborn Children with Down Syndrome

Maria V. Gallagher - 04.15.21 

+ Pennsylvania HB 1500 & the National Debate to Protect the Preborn with Down Syndrome

Maria V. Gallagher - 07.08.21


+ The Problem with Exceptions, Sarah St. Onge - 06.03.19  

 Fetal Disposition 

Humane Fetal Disposition: A Moral Rebuttal of the Court Injunction Against Texas Law 

     Joe Kral, M.A. - 02.22.18

On Humane Disposition: A Legal Analysis of  the Recent Texas Law, Deirdre Cooper - 03.01.18

+  The Real Cost of Non-Standardized Fetal Disposition LawsTherese M. Hessler - 09.15.19

+   In Defense of the Unborn Child Dignity ActAllie Frazier - 05.06.21 

+  The Pre and Post-Roe Relevancy of Fetal Remains LawsAllie Frazier - 03.17.22 

 Fetal Heartbeat 

The Iowa Fetal Heartbeat Bill and the Unjust Rape Exception, Rebecca Kiessling, J.D.


+ Focusing the Debate: Fetal Heartbeat LegislationAna Brennan, J.D. - 04.08.21  

+ Lawsuits Against the Texas Heartbeat Act are MeritlessMary Castle, J.D. - 08.30.21

+ Biden’s Baseless attack on Texas Heartbeat Law Won’t SucceedMary Castle, J.D. - 09.13.21

+ Texas Heartbeat Law Wins Again at Texas Supreme CourtMary Elizabeth Castle, J.D. - 03.28.22

+ The Moral Need for the Pro-Life Private Enforcement MechanismJoe Kral, M.A. - 03.31.22

+ In Attempt to Be Like Texas, Idaho Faces Unique Opportunity with Heartbeat Law,

Mary Elizabeth Castle, J.D. - 04.24.22

+ Iowa Fetal Heartbeat Law and Its HistoryJenifer Bowen - 02.01.23 

 Fetal Homicide 

+ Wyoming’s Fetal Homicide Bill & The Death Penalty Repeal Amendment - Deacon Michael Leman, 04.22.21


Usurping Freedom of Conscience in the Name of 'Reproductive Rights', Ana Brennan, J.D.


Does Medicaid Mandate State Funding of Planned Parenthood?, Rachel Busick, J.D. - 09.13.18

Wisconsin Will Not Fund Abortion in State Government Health Plan, Heather Weininger 


+  Abortion on College Campuses: A New Low for the Abortion IndustryBernadette Tasy, M.A.


+  The Hyde Amendment: Protecting Babies and Their MothersTessa Longbons - 09.10.20

+  California Senate Bill 245: “Free” Abortion on DemandSusan S. Arnall, Esq. - 07.28.21  

+  Medicaid Data Shows Abortion Does Not Promote Women’s HealthTessa Longbons - 12.09.21 

+ Paying for Out-Of-State Abortions & Denying WomanhoodJoe Kral, M.A. - 07.21.22 


The Gospel of Life & Incrementalism, Joe Kral, M.A. - 03.29.18

+  Scripture and Pro-Life Legislative Incrementalism, Joe Kral, M.A. - 11.29.18

+  A Pro-Life & Moral Critique of Anti-Abortion Abolitionism & the Doctrine of the Lesser                         MagistratesJoe Kral, M.A. - 09.12.19

 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act 

Maryland's Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act: Personal Accounts of a Child's Ability      to Feel Pain, Therese M. Hessler - 07.19.18

 Parental Involvement 

Parenting by Edict: When the State Knows Best, Ana Brennan, J.D. - 05.10.18

+ The Moral Case for Parental Consent & Notification LawsJoe Kral, M.A. - 08.16.19 


 Partial-Birth Abortion Bans 

+Why We Need Partial-Birth Abortion Bans, Joe Kral, M.A. - 02.15.18

 Religious Rights 

+ There Is No Religious Right to AbortionJoe Kral, M.A. - 03.02.23 

 Reporting Requirements 

+  The Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Need for Improved Abortion Reporting

Tessa Longbons  - 05.08.20

 Sanctuary Cities 

+ How Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill Paved the Way for Ohio’s First Sanctuary City for the Unborn, 

Allie Frazier - 06.22.21

+ The Moral Case for Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinances,  Joe Kral, M.A. - 08.19.21

The Economic Impact of Adopting Sanctuary City for the Unborn OrdinancesMary Parker 09.30.21

 Supreme Court 

+  The Curious Case of Abortion JurisprudenceAna Brennan, J.D. - 07.09.20

+ Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: The Long-Anticipated End of Roe v. Wade?

Catherine Glenn Foster, M.A., J.D. - 01.20.22 

+ Defending Dobbs: Anti-Incrementalism as a Totalitarian TendencyJ. David Franks, Ph.D. - 



+ The New Normal: TelemedicineAna Brennan, J.D. - 08.13.20 

+ Telemedicine, Rh-Negative Blood Type  & Substandard Abortion CareKatie Glenn, J.D.  &  Natalie Hejran, J.D. - 09.17.20

+ Telemedicine Bans and Good Politics, Jordan Moorman - 02.1o.21

+  Another Lone Star Pro-life Victory: Texas Passes Law to End Mail-Order Abortions

Mary Castle, J.D. - 10.07.21

+ The Women’s Health & Safety Act (SB456) Will Stop The Abortion Industry’s Dangerous Expansion in GeorgiaJoshua Edmonds - 02.24.22 


 Trigger Bans 

+  Trigger Bans: The Next Right Step?, Kyleen Wright - 06.27.19

+ The Need to Pass Abortion Trigger Ban LegislationJacqulyn Dudasko, Ed.D. - 04.19.21  


+ Window to the Womb, Ingrid Duran - 06.06.19

+ The Moral Case for Ultrasound LawsJoe Kral, M.A. - 12.03.20

 Wrongful Birth +

+ The Case to Ban Wrongful Birth LawsuitsJoe Kral, M.A. - 10.17.19  

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