Born Alive Infant Protection 

The Moral Case for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Joe Kral, M.A. - 04.25.19

+ Protections for Infants Born Alive in Abortions- Existing Law and the Need For Enhanced                  LegislationJennifer Popik, J.D. - 08.08.19

+ The Executive Order on Protecting Vulnerable Newborn and Infant Children: A Pro-Life Legal           AnalysisJennifer Popik, J.D. - 10.05.20

 + Updates on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors in the States, Tessa Longbons - 02.03.21

 Chemical Abortions 

+ The Push to Expand Chemical Abortion in the United States, Tessa Longbons - 11.07.19

+ The Profit Scheme of Chemical AbortionsKristen Nupson - 01.07.21

+ Why Chemical Abortion Regulations Must Be a Pro-Life PriorityJessica Warner - 01.14.21 

+ Washington HB 1009: An Attempt to Increase Chemical Abortions at UniversitiesKarlie Lodjic - 02.01.21 

 Dismemberment Abortion Bans 

+ Dismemberment Abortion Bans: A New Lobbying Strategy, Joe Kral, M.A. - 06.28.18

Dismemberment Abortion and a Possible Path to Supreme Court Review, Jennifer Popik, J.D.


 Down Syndrome 

Protecting Children with Down Syndrome, Maria Gallagher - 05.17.18

Legislative Protection for Downs Syndrome Children Continues Progress, Maria Gallagher


Defending the Lives of Downs Syndrome Children in Pennsylvania, Maria Gallagher - 11.14.18

+ Pennsylvania Teen Shows the World the Gift of Children with Down SyndromeMaria Gallagher - 04.11.19

Protecting Down Syndrome Babies from Search and Destroy Missions, Maria Gallagher -  1o.10.19


+ A Tale of Two Heartbeats, Jennifer Chrisiti - 05.30.19

+ The Problem with Exceptions, Sarah St. Onge - 06.03.19  

 Fetal Disposition 

Humane Fetal Disposition: A Moral Rebuttal of the Court Injunction Against Texas Law 

     Joe Kral, M.A. - 02.22.18

On Humane Disposition: A Legal Analysis of  the Recent Texas Law, Deirdre Cooper - 03.01.18

+  The Real Cost of Non-Standardized Fetal Disposition LawsTherese M. Hessler - 09.15.19

 Fetal Heartbeat 

The Iowa Fetal Heartbeat Bill and the Unjust Rape Exception, Rebecca Kiessling, J.D.



Usurping Freedom of Conscience in the Name of 'Reproductive Rights', Ana Brennan, J.D.


Does Medicaid Mandate State Funding of Planned Parenthood?, Rachel Busick, J.D. - 09.13.18

Wisconsin Will Not Fund Abortion in State Government Health Plan, Heather Weininger 


+  Abortion on College Campuses: A New Low for the Abortion IndustryBernadette Tasy, M.A.


+  The Hyde Amendment: Protecting Babies and Their MothersTessa Longbons - 09.10.20  


The Gospel of Life & Incrementalism, Joe Kral, M.A. - 03.29.18

+  Scripture and Pro-Life Legislative Incrementalism, Joe Kral, M.A. - 11.29.18

+  A Pro-Life & Moral Critique of Anti-Abortion Abolitionism & the Doctrine of the Lesser                         MagistratesJoe Kral, M.A. - 09.12.19

 Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act 

Maryland's Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act: Personal Accounts of a Child's Ability      to Feel Pain, Therese M. Hessler - 07.19.18

 Parental Involvement 

Parenting by Edict: When the State Knows Best, Ana Brennan, J.D. - 05.10.18

+ The Moral Case for Parental Consent & Notification LawsJoe Kral, M.A. - 08.16.19 


 Partial-Birth Abortion Bans 

Why We Need Partial-Birth Abortion Bans, Joe Kral, M.A. - 02.15.18

 Reporting Requirements 

+  The Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Need for Improved Abortion Reporting

Tessa Longbons  - 05.08.20

 Supreme Court 

+  The Curious Case of Abortion JurisprudenceAna Brennan, J.D. - 07.09.20


+ The New Normal: TelemedicineAna Brennan, J.D. - 08.13.20 

+ Telemedicine, Rh-Negative Blood Type  & Substandard Abortion CareKatie Glenn, J.D.  &  Natalie Hejran, J.D. - 09.17.20

+ Telemedicine Bans and Good Politics, Jordan Moorman - 02.1o.21

 Trigger Bans 

+  Trigger Bans: The Next Right Step?, Kyleen Wright - 06.27.19


+ Window to the Womb, Ingrid Duran - 06.06.19

+ The Moral Case for Ultrasound LawsJoe Kral, M.A. - 12.03.20

 Wrongful Birth +

+ The Case to Ban Wrongful Birth LawsuitsJoe Kral, M.A. - 10.17.19